Hemorrhoids Relief Guide

Discover The Ultimate Hemorrhoids Relief Guide

Hemorrhoids Relief Guide

doctors8Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are basically swollen veins inside the rectum or anus. It is classified under two types: internal and external.

As the name suggest, internal hemorrhoids develop in the passageways of the anus.

It protrudes outside to appear as small grape-like masses.  Then all we want is just relief from the hemorrhoids.

External Hemorrhoids:

In the meantime, external hemorrhoids develop around the ring of the anus like lumps filled with blood clot. So what are the common symptoms of this affliction?

They are anal itching and pain (especially while sitting), appearance of blood or mucus in stool or in the anus area, and pain during bowel movement.

Now with all these descriptions, most of you must be hitting panic buttons of a sort, fearing the idea of being a victim of this difficulty.

Just to give you a heads up and basically clear out all the fallacies and take out all the facts running around your head, let us list down the causes of hemorrhoids.

Causes Of Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids can be inherited from parents and family, it is in a person’s genetic predisposition just like how a person gets brown hair or black eyes if other relatives have it. Plus, it can also be induced due to strains in defecation and constipation.

So be sure to eat more fibrous foods, fruit and try to drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses but preferably more). In addition ensure to exercise regularly as this helps to promote smooth and easy bowel movement. In addition it will promote overall better health in the long run.

Also please do avoid laxatives as these further irritate your piles if you already have them.

Common Questions:

So now that we’ve tackled some causes, let us head off to answering a few common questions. Let us start with: Does being pregnant make a person more prone to this ailment? The answer to that is yes.

Why? It is because pregnant women have a hard time defecating. Again, why? Obviously, they can’t push too hard because they are pregnant.

Just imagine, what if the baby pops out especially if the woman is already near her time to giving birth?  Unfortunately this is not a good imagery, is it?

Moving on quickly, with more questions:

  • Does obesity also affect chances of contracting said ailment?
  • How about sedentary lifestyle?

Both of these questions also get yes for the answer. Why? Well, these can cause constipation thus leading to hemroids. This is why eating healthy and regular exercise is so important.

Don’t be a couch potato and don’t do the eat-sleep-and-be-merry routine. These do go a long way in lessening your chances of getting piles.

Relief from Hemorrhoids:

This next segment is divided into three core parts namely: ‘What-to-do-next Chart’ (or rather a consultation chart that would assist you in deciding whether or not you need to run off to the hospital for a long series of tests), home remedies, and finally commonly used medicine.

To start off let’s look at our consultation chart wherein we gather facts and ask ourselves these questions:

  • Are you experiencing anal itching and pain?
  • What about sore and tender bowel movement?

If your answer to the two are yes, continue reading this paragraph but if not we can skip over to the next one.

Blood In The Stool:

Now, have you noticed blood in the stool? Are you bleeding down there (and no to the guys, I don’t mean menstruation)? If you answer yes to either of those two questions, do have these checked out as soon as possible.

You might have to go through a few rectal exams to confirm what malady it is that you’re experiencing, but it is so important to deal with this as the symptoms might be an indication of some issue more serious..

Natural Remedies:

Now with home remedies, one of the most important is ensuring the cleanliness of the anus and the surrounding area. Use a mild and gentle soap to clean it off after bowel movement all the while avoiding vigorous rubbing so as not to irritate the skin.

If you already have piles, make sure to keep the anus and those afflictions dry. Use talc powder and pads of soft tissue to avoid the collection of moisture in the area.

And lastly, if experiencing difficulties like pain and tenderness: run a 10 – 20 minute hot tub bath ritual at least twice a day to provide relief and promote faster healing.

Unto our last topic, commonly used medicine, we begin with soothing agents. As with the term ‘soothe’, these are given to lessen the discomforts brought about by piles and they are comprised of suppositories, creams and enemas.

Other than these some antiphlebitis or antivaricose medicine can also lend a helping hand. These include calcium dobesilate, heparinoids, and rutoside.

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